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MWW3 - Bikini Wrestling - 71:30 Min.

Bikini Wrestling
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Bikini Wrestling

1) Angel vs Shelby Beach
2) Cupid vs Kat & Elfy vs Claudia
3) Emma vs Princess
4) Waterlili vs Fiji
5) Phoenix vs Rogue
6) Shelby Beach vs Phoenix
7) Tinkerbell vs Phoenix
8) Tinkerbell vs Xenya
9) Tinkerbell vs Rogue

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Tinker Belle

Tinker Belle
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Shelby Beach

Shelby Beach
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Kat M

Kat M
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Claudia M

Claudia M
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Emma / Jessica Jensen

Emma / Jessica Jensen
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Fans of straight female wrestling will find this DVD a veritable treasure trove of previously unseen matches, fought between women of varying skill levels and apparel. At the top end, this 70-minute collection features two matches starring Manchester's legendary Shelby Beach, a seemingly ageless wrestler who is without doubt one of the toughest women around. Her first match against Angel is awe-inspiring in its power, and it's rare for Shelby fans to see the big blonde pushed this far. We also see no less than three matches featuring the adorable Tinkerbell, a small girl with great skills who is plunged into action against other women of greater size and experience. In most of these matches, and those featuring Phoenix and the delectably athletic Rogue, the combatants wear trousers or an overall body suit, the action being highly professional grappling that includes arm locks and armbars. At the other end of the scale, gorgeous blonde Emma dons a pink bikini for a short and highly energetic wrestling encounter with Peaches, while Fiji and Water Lilly also make their mat debut. As if that wasn't enough, this DVD also includes two exciting clips featuring larger girls Elfy and Claudia, and most intriguingly of all, a superb tangle between Cupid and Kat, two very young, fit, talented and well watched girls. With a total of ten matches to feast your eyes on, serious followers of female wrestling can't go wrong.

1. Angel vs Shelby Beach (10:13 mins)

Top billing here rightfully goes to Manchester's Shelby Beach, pound for pound one of the best female wrestlers out there – and more than a match for most men, never mind women. Here she finds herself up against stoic opposition in the form of Angel, and within seconds Shelby has her vice-like legs wrapped around her rival. She finds Angel made of stern stuff however, moving swiftly around the mat and, surprisingly, finding ways to counter most of that which Shelby throws at her. After a few minutes, Angel is actually clamped onto Shelby's back, scissoring her from behind, prompting a great battle of wills as these leviathans of the mat struggle for control. It's gripping – quite literally – and very rare that we see the Mancunian under such pressure. Though having plainly been made to suffer, Shelby responds with a magnificent scissors and cross body pin / wristlock combination of her own. This clash of awesome female power goes all the way.

MWW3 - 1 (Angel vs Shelby Beach)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Angel vs Shelby Beach

10. Tinkerbell vs Rogue (8:05 mins)

Two extremely fit and fast women get to grips in this exceptional grappling match. The trousers and tops worn by both competitors may conceal their bodies but cannot disguise their physical fitness, and its immediately obvious that both are trained wrestlers, perhaps with mixed martial arts skills. This is very competitive, skilfully fought wrestling, involving numerous head locks and joint holds, as well as pins and scissors. Rogue is the older of these two very beautiful females, a slim woman of obvious physical fitness, and her younger opponent, Tinkerbell is a determined and quick thinking fighter. When things appear to be going the way of the junior, Rogue slips on a scissors, crushing the young girl's ribs. Undaunted, they battle on, dazzling in their skill set and providing a spectacle of female fighting for any true fan of the genre.

MWW3 - 10 (Tinkerbell vs Rogue)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Tinkerbell vs Rogue

2. Cupid vs Kat (3:13 mins)

Short and to the point it may be, but this three minute tussle pits two very capable and supremely agile and fit young women against each other in a battle that you'll wish lasted the full distance. Both wear bikini tops and very short shorts. Easy on the eye and fantastically well matched, these gripping, darting, tussling vixens were born to fight each other.

MWW3 - 2 & 3 (Cupid vs Kat) & (Elfy vs Claudia)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Cupid vs Kat & Elfy vs Claudia

3. Elfy vs Claudia (3:03 mins)

In a battle that sadly lasts only three minutes, this is a clash of heavyweights on the mats in the outdoor sunshine. Claudia is a big girl, but Elfy outweighs her considerably. The ebb and flow of this struggle, even over such a short time, keeps you guessing as pins are gained and reversed. Both girls look like they have the power and skill to emerge victorious.

MWW3 - 2 & 3 (Cupid vs Kat) & (Elfy vs Claudia)

Free Standard Download: 3-2 Cupid vs Kat & Elfy vs Claudia

4. Emma vs Princess (6:50 mins)

In this short, 5-minute bikini wrestling encounter we witness two sexy girls going all out to win that all important submission. This one features the lovely Emma who looks even hotter than usual in a pink bikini that emphasizes her curves. She's up against Princess, a lithe and slim girl who proves hard to hold. While both lack top level skills their energy cannot be faulted as they struggle and writhe for control. There's some light-hearted bitchiness thrown into the fray as well when Emma finally gets her prey under control she gleefully sits on her face and declares: Give up bitch, I've won!

MWW3 - 4 (Emma vs Princess)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Emma vs Princess

5. Waterlili vs Fiji (5:36 mins)

Having met in a light-hearted oil wrestling match in MWW2, Fiji and Water Lilly are back to engage in a straight bikini wrestling match on the mat. With one girl slim and attractively toned and the other somewhat curvier and very well endowed, this is a match between two women of equal – but very different – sex appeal. Although fought over just five minutes there's no shortage of energy committed as both struggle to get on top. Being new to the game, both girls need a little direction from the camera man, but it all adds to the charm of seeing these Welsh novices in action.

MWW3 - 5 (Waterlili vs Fiji)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Waterlili vs Fiji

6. Phoenix vs Rogue (10:51 mins)

Filmed in front of a live audience, this match pits two extremely skilful women against each other in a tough and gruelling contest of real grappling. Much the larger of the two, short-haired Phoenix is also the stronger and more aggressive, but Rogue is certainly not there just to make up the numbers. The dark-haired beauty, clearly an athletic and deliciously curved female, does her best to quench the fire of her opponent, but it's a little bit like trying to wrestle a lion. Rogue's defensive work is impressive and for a while it looks as if she will somehow withstand the torrent of holds and power coming her way. As their friends shout encouragement, both females work hard to impress. A climax comes with Phoenix finally gets on Rogue's back, pulling the slimmer woman backwards into a combination-held crab, at last forcing a submission from this attractive campaigner.

MWW3 - 6 (Phoenix vs Rogue)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Phoenix vs Rogue

7. Shelby Beach vs Phoenix (10:43 mins)

Phoenix, a young and heavily built wrestler from Wales, is clearly a very difficult woman to fight, but here she's up against Manchester's Shelby Beach, one of the best all round female fighters in the UK, if not the world. Over ten minutes, stubborn Phoenix does her best to cope with the powerfully built blonde bomber, but the seemingly ageless English veteran seems utterly untouchable and remains in control. That said, watching Phoenix attempt to stay with the much older woman is entrancing and so determined is she not to be humiliated that it takes a world of pain to make her submit. Phoenix really shows her mettle as she withstands crushing head scissors and headlocks, and for a commendable time, a textbook armbar. Truly impressive female wrestling on all levels.

MWW3 - 7 (Shelby Beach vs Phoenix)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Shelby Beach vs Phoenix

8. Tinkerbell vs Phoenix (5:36 mins)

Although the dress code of black trousers and t-shirt won't be to everyone's taste, this 5-minute scrap between Phoenix and enticing newcomer Tinkerbell is all about the action. A complete contrast in body types, the much stronger and more experienced Phoenix is short-haired and heavy of frame, while Tinkerbell is built more like the lissom fairy from which she takes her name. While she is never likely to beat Phoenix, it would be a mistake to underestimate her. This girl, who clearly has some martial arts or grappling training, can certainly fight, and while this short introduction may have been a harsh one, she's bound to win hearts and, in the future, much more.

MWW3 - 8 (Tinkerbell vs Phoenix)

Free Standard Download: 8-1 Tinkerbell vs Phoenix

9. Tinkerbell vs Xenya (7:20 mins)

As the introducer suggests, this is indeed a trial by fire for Tinkerbell. Young and slim, Tinkerbell is plainly less experienced than the bigger and shorter-haired Xenya who is on the attack throughout this skilful contest, fought in trousers and tops. While it is clear that Tinkerbell is significantly overmatched, her skill is still evident and it is fascinating to watch her constant defensive struggles and intelligent responses to Xenya's dominance. The pretty brunette will certainly have her day, but now – in a glut of arm holds, headlocks and pin dominance – this is a masterclass from Xenya.

MWW3 - 9 (Tinkerbell vs Xenya)

Free Standard Download: 9-1 Tinkerbell vs Xenya





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