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M72 - The Great Gonzo 7 - 65:00 Min.

The Great Gonzo 7
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The Great Gonzo 7

1) Cherry vs Gonzo
2) Starr vs Gonzo

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Details - Starr

Cherry B

Cherry B
Details - Cherry B

Having acquired his 'skills' in the Amazon jungle, The Great Gonzo's claim to be the only man who can save world wrestling is nevertheless starting to look suspect, such are the hammerings he has taken from the Festelle girls in this popular series.

Und auch in dieser siebten Ausgabe sieht es wieder ganz so aus, als ob der große Gonzo sich mal wieder ein bißchen zuviel vorgenommen hat. Mit Cherry und Starr, zwei sehr schönen und sehr gut ausgestatteten jungen Damen.

M72 - 1 (Cherry vs Gonzo)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Cherry vs Gonzo

In this seventh instalment of classic female domination, The Great Gonzo has clearly bitten off more than he can chew when he takes on Cherry and then Starr, two beautiful and exceptionally well endowed young ladies.

M72 - 1 (Cherry vs Gonzo)

Free Standard Download: 1-2 Cherry vs Gonzo

VOD: 1 Cherry vs Gonzo

31:41 Min. - 246.80MB*

The poor Gonzo is little more than a lamb to the slaughter as huge-breasted Cherry immediately dominates him - his every move is little more than token resistance. Gonzo spends the majority of this half-hour match being suffocated in the cleft of Cherry's legs.

He seems more determined against stunning Starr, but it's all too little too late as male pride takes yet another fall - or several. Dominant Starr ignores all of Gonzo's pathetic pleas for clemency proving yet again the true ascendancy of womankind. Yet another victory mark for girl power.

M72 - 2 (Starr vs Gonzo)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Starr vs Gonzo

M72 - 2 (Starr vs Gonzo)

Free Standard Download: 2-2 Starr vs Gonzo

VOD: 2 Starr vs Gonzo

33:04 Min. - 257.72MB*





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