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M66 - Mixed Boxing - 61:00 Min.

Mixed Boxing
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Mixed Boxing

1) Vixen vs Andrew
2) Michelle vs Andrew
3) Faye vs Andrew
4) Sheila vs Andrew

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Faye / Paradise

Faye / Paradise
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Sheila R

Sheila R
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The four matches on this offering all take place in the open air with Andrew boxing with some of Festelle's loveliest - and toughest - girls.

M66 - 1 (Vixen vs Andrew)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Vixen vs Andrew

Heavyweight 'Angry' Andrew finds that the lithe 'Vicious' Vixen isn't quite the easy target he expected, his weight advantage being offset by his lumbering gait. It's interesting to compare Vixen's coolness between rounds with Andrew's obvious tiredness. It's not all one-way though; Andrew does get in some knockdowns. This is probably the most competitive of the four matches.

M66 - 1 (Vixen vs Andrew)

Free Standard Download: 1-2 Vixen vs Andrew

VOD: 1 Vixen vs Andrew

23:25 Min. - 182.43MB*

Tall Brazilian beauty Michelle, looking great in her brief shorts, contrasts well with Andrew's out-of-condition appearance. He scores an early knockdown but Michelle returns to the fray eagerly and both contestants score knockdowns. But Andrew can't keep his lead and the match ends with a knockout.

M66 - 2 (Michelle vs Andrew)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Michelle vs Andrew

VOD: 2 Michelle vs Andrew

12:43 Min. - 99.13MB*

Sturdy black woman Faye is, in bodily terms, an ideal opponent for Andrew. She looks great in her sexy outfit which includes boots and proves herself an aggressive boxer. This match too ends in a knockout.

M66 - 3 (Faye vs Andrew)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Faye vs Andrew

VOD: 3 Faye vs Andrew

11:48 Min. - 92.10MB*

Finally, our hero meets svelte black Sheila. This is a fairly playful match but Sheila clearly enjoys having a big guy on which to release her pent-up aggression.

M66 - 4 (Sheila vs Andrew)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Sheila vs Andrew

VOD: 4 Sheila vs Andrew

12:29 Min. - 97.34MB*


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