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FV8 - Fourth Live Event - 52:24 Min.

Fourth Live Event
4 / 5

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Fourth Live Event

1) Sherry vs Donna
2) Pam vs Lorraine
3) Lorraine vs Donna
4) Pam vs Sherry
5) Battle Royal

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Lorraine S

Lorraine S
Details - Lorraine S

Donna S

Donna S
Details - Donna S

Pam B

Pam B
Details - Pam B


Details - Sherry

Two strong black girls are in action against two new girls, both slim and attractive.

1.Sherry vs Donna (14:53 mins)

Champion Sherry faces strong, big-busted and muscular Donna, who´s new. A tense match but will Sherry´s experience make up for the greater muscles on Donna?

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Sherry vs Donna

2. Pam vs Lorraine (13:21 mins)

Pam is a svelte young blonde and Lorraine an attractive and slim black girl, both are new. This is faster paced but there´s plenty of spirited action. One girl has a slightly more skilled defence against her aggressor.

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Pam vs Lorraine

3. Lorraine vs Donna (9:34 mins)

Excellent match. Lorraine is smaller and faster than the muscular Donna. Donna has the strength advantage, which she uses well for pins and attempted pins, but as the underdog Lorraine gets pointers from the crowd for submissions. A very entertaining match.

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Lorraine vs Donna

4. Pam vs Sherry (8:50 mins)

Current Champ Sherry takes on smaller Pam who is outclassed so it's rather one-sided. But Pam is feisty and she does try.

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Pam vs Sherry

5. Battle Royal (5:46 mins)

Donna vs Sherry vs Lorraine

A three way match to confirm who is the best at Festelle at the time. All three enter the mat and as they are submitted they leave. Bit of fun with them ganging up on each other at the start, but entertaining enough.

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Battle Royal


Another successful and well supported event with a spirited crowd cheering on their favourites.




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