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FV307 - Tights Wrestling - 56:26 Min.

Tights Wrestling
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Tights Wrestling

1) Axa vs Larra
2) Axa vs Tigger
3) Sammy-Jane vs Tigger

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Details - Tigger


Details - Larra


Details - Axa


Details - Sammy-Jane

A one-off wrestling title for those of you who not only like to see girls wearing translucent tights, but also like to see them putting those legs to good use in (literally) gripping mat action, Tights Wrestling features three energetic and varied matches. Slim and attractive blonde Axa is a young wrestler with a superb body, and here she pits her slender frame against Larra, a similarly young woman with a much fuller frame. Once they get their legs around each other, this 15-minute contest contains no less than nine submissions, with both scoring against the other. Each uses her legs to maximum effect, and we see numerous head and body scissors plus plenty of dominant pins. Axa even gets big Larra into a matchbook pin, but her opponent comes back strongly every time. Axa returns against veteran Tigger, a mature and large woman who is outwitted on the mat by the blonde who facesits her, puts her into a cross body pin and uses her long legs to scissor her at every opportunity. Finally, in a change of pace, we drop in on Festelle veterans Sammy-Jane and Tigger who are trying out various holds wearing dresses and tights, inspired by a wrestling magazine. Their competitive fire stoked, these solidly-built and mature ladies climb out of the dresses, and wrestle topless on the mat in nothing but their tights and shoes. Amid the huge variety of holds and pins, there's some cheeky breast grabbing as the battle hots up.

1. Axa vs Larra (15:14 mins)

Over 15 minutes, slender blonde Axa gets to grips in an energetic and varied wrestling encounter with buxom Larra. Both girls wear nothing but translucent tights that leave little to the imagination. This is a lively match between two girls of different stature, and one that contains no less than nine submissions, with both scoring against the other. Each uses her legs to maximum effect, and we see numerous head and body scissors plus plenty of dominant pins. Larra is the stronger of the two, and once she gets her thighs around Axa's ribs, the blonde is in trouble, but she replies with great determination, using her long limbs to superb effect. At one point, Axa pins Larra, lowering her body to smother her pert breasts into her opponent's face. Another time, while pinning Larra, she pulls up the frantic girls legs, forcing her into a matchbook pin. The scores flow either way, legs scrabbling for purchase and applying hold after hold, until one of them finishes the other in the dying seconds.

FV307 - 1 (Axa vs Larra)

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2. Axa vs Tigger (14:27 mins)

In this match, fought nude except for transparent tights, beautiful young blonde Axa is up against Festelle veteran Tigger, a much older woman of statuesque appearance. The hugely busted Tigger is heavier and stronger, but little match for the lithe and agile young girl that spends much of this match firstly dancing around the bigger woman, and then sitting on top of her. With Tigger on her back within minutes, Axa wastes no time in gaining a position on her face. Not to be outdone, Tigger replies with a schoolgirl style pin, but it's only a temporary reprieve for the old campaigner. Axa shows off those see through tights to great advantage when she crucifies poor Tigger in a cross body pin. Then she performs a series of head and body scissors on the older woman, before folding her up in a matchbook style pin, legs raised high off the mat. A reverse head scissors pretty much seals this one, as well as highlighting Axa's toned bottom and thighs.

FV307 - 2 (Axa vs Tigger)

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3. Sammy-Jane vs Tigger (26:45 mins)

On a less than eventful afternoon, Tigger is in search of entertainment. Clad in a snug green dress and matching tights, she finds Sammy-Jane perched on the sofa reading a wrestling magazine. Sammy, who is wearing a red dress and red tights, wonders how badly some of the pictured holds hurt, and with Tigger only too keen to help out, both women agree to try them out. Still clad in their tight fitting dresses and referring to the magazine, they take it in turns to put each other in holds, including boston crab, camel clutch, surfboard and various head locks and head scissors. Complaining that the action is getting a bit brutal, they agree to take off their dresses and wrestle for real, wearing only their translucent tights and shoes.

FV307 - 3 (Sammy-Jane vs Tigger)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Sammy-Jane vs Tigger

A lengthy and energy-sapping match ensues between these two large and mature ladies, using all the holds they have learned and a lot more. Expect to see scissors from every angle, plus pins of every description, and plenty of leg holds and crabs, emphasising those tights. Fighting topless, their fleshy breasts make tempting targets – even as she submits in a figure four head scissors Sammy-Jane reaches up to grab one of Tigger's huge tits, but will it be too little too late for the struggling redhead?

FV307 - 3 (Sammy-Jane vs Tigger)

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