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FV259 - Black & White - 69:00 Min.

Black & White
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Black & White

1) Zena vs Rosa
2) Diamond vs Ghetto Sweet
3) Brooklyn vs Sophie
4) Trudi vs Brooklyn

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Details - Brooklyn


Details - Rosa


Details - Trudi


Details - Zena


Details - Diamond

Ghetto Sweet

Ghetto Sweet
Details - Ghetto Sweet

Sophie S

Sophie S
Details - Sophie S

A diverse range of fully competitive topless action, the emphasis here is on combative black girls of all shapes and sizes, sometimes wrestling each other and sometimes mixing it up with white rivals.

FV259 - 1 (Zena vs Rosa)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Zena vs Rosa

The star of the show is Brooklyn, a black girl with a perfect body and, as we see here, a firm will to fight.

FV259 - 1 (Zena vs Rosa)

Free Standard Download: 1-2 Zena vs Rosa

VOD: 1 Zena vs Rosa

20:45 Min. - 154.62MB*

Here she masters sprightly black rival Sophie before taking on the experienced Trudi in a classic black vs white encounter outdoors, where multiple submissions are scored by both girls along with every hold in the book.

FV259 - 2 (Diamond vs Ghetto Sweet)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Diamond vs Ghetto Sweet

VOD: 2 Diamond vs Ghetto Sweet

16:03 Min. - 119.52MB*

Elsewhere, big black women Diamond and Ghetto Sweet get rough and sweaty,

FV259 - 3 (Brooklyn vs Sophie)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Brooklyn vs Sophie

and thereís an extraordinary encounter between slim Polish firebrand Rosa and huge black mama Zena.

FV259 - 3 (Brooklyn vs Sophie)

Free Standard Download: 3-2 Brooklyn vs Sophie

VOD: 3 Brooklyn vs Sophie

20:39 Min. - 153.80MB*

Rosa has already proved capable of beating bigger women, but here she must master the biggest yet. It looks like Zena will simply crush Rosa – but donít underestimate the clinical redhead.

FV259 - 4 (Trudi vs Brooklyn)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Trudi vs Brooklyn

VOD: 4 Trudi vs Brooklyn

10:57 Min. - 81.49MB*


A treat for lovers of black women in competitive wrestling!




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