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FV173 - Mother-Daughter Row - 56:00 Min.

Mother-Daughter Row
3 / 5

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Mother-Daughter Row

1) Sammy vs Morgan
2) Silver vs Denisa
3) Yolanda vs Silver

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Details - Silver


Details - Yolanda


Details - Denisa


Details - Morgan

Sammy M.

Sammy M.
Details - Sammy M.

When a young mother sees hers teenage daughter as a challenge, tempers are bound to flare. Morgan clearly feels that she is more than a match for her good-looking blonde mother, and after some heated discussion things get physical. The pair are soon naked, and it soon appears from the quarrel that Sammy's husband is involved in the rivalry, and in fact it's his appearance on the scene that puts an end to the fight.

FV173 - 1 (Sammy vs Morgan)

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Silver is deeply suspicious of her flatmate's phone conversation, conducted in Slovak but she rumbles that Denisa is using their joint savings to book a flight from Slovakia to London. A brawl ensues with both women ending the fight completely naked and gloriously unashamed.

FV173 - 2 (Silver vs Denisa)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Silver vs Denisa

It appears that Silver has gypsy blood because in the next encounter she parks her caravan in Yolanda's garden and, adding insult to injury tries to beg money. Yolanda is not the woman to be trifled with in this way - as Silver finds to her cost!

FV173 - 3 (Yolanda vs Silver)

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Nudity, face-sitting - it's all here!




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