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FV149 - White-black Whiplash - 60:00 Min.

White-black Whiplash
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White-black Whiplash

1) Jules vs Candice
2) Tracy vs Claudia
3) Claudia vs Iris
4) Pam vs Iris

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Details - Jules

Pam M

Pam M
Details - Pam M

Tracy Thunder

Tracy Thunder
Details - Tracy Thunder


Details - Candice

Claudia A

Claudia A
Details - Claudia A


Details - Iris

All-nude competitive wrestling between white and black women. A new departure is that after each submission, the contestants begin from a kneeling position.

1. Jules vs Candice (14:38 mins)

Well-built black girl Candice obviously fancies her chances against the older Jules, but Jules is a tough lady who fights to win so she can take nothing for granted.

FV149 - 1 (Jules vs Candice)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Jules vs Candice

2. Tracy vs Claudia (13:26 mins)

Claudia is a rather daintier black girl and a good match for lithe Festelle favourite Tracy. This match begins quite slowly as each woman tests the other's mettle, but aggression and natural rivalry soon begin to creep in. Claudia is justly proud of her body, and you'll love the way she poses provocatively between rounds.

FV149 - 2 (Tracy vs Claudia)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Tracy vs Claudia

3. Claudia vs Iris (17:55 mins)

Claudia then takes on Swedish blonde Iris, another beginner keen to prove herself. Both women seem to enjoy wrestling and the action stays fierce throughout.

FV149 - 3 (Claudia vs Iris)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Claudia vs Iris

FV149 - 3 (Claudia vs Iris)

Free Standard Download: 3-2 Claudia vs Iris

4. Pam vs Iris (15:25 mins)

The surprise lies in the last match. Pam is popular with Festelle customers as an erotic performer, but in this match against Iris she shows another side to her nature, and gives the white girl a fight to remember. The referee thought this was the best match of the four, but you'll have to decide for yourself!

FV149 - 4 (Pam vs Iris)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Pam vs Iris


A return to nude competitive wrestling that will be welcomed.




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