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FV119 - Topless Boxing - 77:00 Min.

Topless Boxing
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Topless Boxing

1) Sarah vs Chelsea
2) Nicola vs Judie
3) Anita vs Amanda
4) Toni vs Hellen
5) Cam 2 Match 1
6) Cam 2 Match 2
7) Cam 2 Match 4

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Amanda B

Amanda B
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Details - Nicola

Anita H

Anita H
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Slim black bombshell Sarah gives shapely Chelsea a great competitive fight in the first match, which goes the full distance before the verdict – accompanied by a bottle of champagne for the winner – is announced. A great fight between two lovely girls!

FV119 - 1 (Sarah vs Chelsea)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Sarah vs Chelsea

Busty shaven-headed Judie takes on handsome Russian toughie Nicola. They punch for punch, giving no favours, and asking for none. It’s five rounds of fistic combat that we’re promised and it goes the full distance. A memorable confrontation which produces a really deserving winner.

FV119 - 2 (Nicola vs Judie)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Nicola vs Judie

Next, experienced Anita takes on Amanda, which is on mats rather than the big ring. There’s a very small audience, which seems to make them lose their inhibitions and to stimulate furious rivalry.

FV119 - 3 (Anita vs Amanda)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Anita vs Amanda

After a knockdown, tempers begin to rise; the punching gets really savage, and before too long another knockdown follows. This was one of those matches in which the winner really deserves hr prize money!

FV119 - 3 (Anita vs Amanda)

Free Standard Download: 3-2 Anita vs Amanda

Back to the ring for the final match. Toni, who also showed her knowledge of boxing in FV115, takes on black beauty Hellen in a true battle of the titans! Two skilful, spunky women, each determined to prove herself the better boxer. But there can only be one winner, and there is – by a knockout!

FV119 - 4 (Toni vs Hellen)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Toni vs Hellen

This tape ends with repeat showings of the first and forth matches seen from the different viewpoint of a second camera.

FV119 - 5 (Cam 2 Match 1)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Cam 2 Match 1

FV119 - 6 (Cam 2 Match 2)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Cam 2 Match 2

FV119 - 7 (Cam 2 Match 4)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Cam 2 Match 4





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