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FV-LGF7 - Loser Gets Fucked 7 - 54:41 Min.

Loser Gets Fucked 7
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Loser Gets Fucked 7

1) Larra vs Holly
2) Larra vs Natalie
3) Lilly vs Natalie

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Details - Natalie


Details - Holly


Details - Larra


Details - Lilly

In some of the sexiest fight action Festelle has ever filmed, this DVD showcases three wrestling matches all fought in the nude – and the twist is that the loser gets fucked with either a strap-on, dildo or vibrator by the winner. During these erotic final scenes, it's hard to know who's having the most fun – the proud, dominant victor or the exhausted but increasingly aroused loser. In the first and longest match, a semi-competitive duel sees strong girl Larra take on perfectly formed redhead Holly. Before these two get intimate, you'll see just about every wrestling hold in the book, and the final scenes in which Holly rides Larra, the strap-on buried in her to the hilt, while Larra reaches up to caress her big breasts, are well worth the wait. Larra returns to fight game Natalie, a lovely European girl who fights the tough Brit competitively and probably soon wishes she hadn't. Larra finishes matters by pleasuring her helpless victim with a dildo, and from a variety of positions. Natalie also fights competitively against the beautiful Lilly, another British girl who has too much experience for the damsel. At the end though, Natalie seems the lucky one as the proud victor teases and then pleases her, making the initially stoic Euro girl gasp and moan with excitement.

1. Larra vs Holly (24:43 mins)

Gorgeous redhead Holly takes on Larra in a nude wrestling contest in which the loser will pay the ultimate price – being fucked by the winner, who will wear a black strap-on to underline her dominance. The writing looks like it's on the wall from the outset for Holly who is taken down forcefully onto her back and must then endure a grapevine pin from the bigger girl. While Larra is clearly the stronger girl and a much better wrestler in real life, this isn't one way traffic and you'll see Holly putting some painful holds on Larra too.

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But for Holly, retribution comes swiftly in the form of endless scissor holds, stretches and pins. Certainly one of the most vocal women you'll ever see on the mat, Holly moans, squeals and growls all the way through this – and the desperate noise continues when she takes her punishment from Larra in the final, very sexy scenes. During the red hot denouement of this 24-minute encounter, Larra lies on her back while Holly sits on top, spreading her legs around her. Larra reaches up to caress her huge breasts as the two females bump and grind together.

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2. Larra vs Natalie (16:29 mins)

Unlike some matches in this genre, this one is completely competitive, the strong and well built Larra getting naked with cute, trim European girl Natalie. Larra's too tough for the feisty damsel who nevertheless does her best to stay competitive on the mat. The sight of her wriggling, writhing nude body on the mat, twisting and turning to try to escape Larra's holds is truly captivating. These are two girls that love to compete, and while Larra clearly is the bigger and the superior, Natalie never gives up until the time has elapsed.

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To celebrate her victory, Larra then penetrates Natalie with a black dildo. Rather than simply getting on top and fucking her, Larra uses the dildo to pleasure Natalie in a number of positions – firstly with Natalie riding her, then on her back and finally on all fours. Firstly nervous, Natalie soon starts to enjoy herself as a dominant Larra teases and pleases her, tapping the dildo on her sensitive parts before thrusting and twisting it inside her.

Free Standard Download: 2-2 Larra vs Natalie
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3. Lilly vs Natalie (13:29 mins)

The tall and fair haired Brit Lilly takes on equally beautiful European girl Natalie in a nude wrestling match that is fought competitively from the outset. As well as determining the better woman, this one will also result in the loser getting fucked by the other, using a vibrator to ram that particular point home. Natalie is no coward when it comes to fighting, but Lilly is not only much taller but more experienced too, and she uses her knowledge and expertise to frustrate her less seasoned opponent.

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Lilly vs Natalie
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There are pressure holds, scissors and pins amid some wonderful nude grappling that showcases the athletic bodies of these two determined young women. After submitting for the fourth time, Natalie looks crestfallen, but her ordeal has only just begun. After a comprehensive and most enjoyable victory, a happy Lilly sits on her opponent and fucks her with the vibrator. She takes her from a number of positions and while Natalie might seem a little uncertain about it all at first, her mounting gasps and exclamations confirm that Lilly has truly hit her spot.

Free Standard Download: 3-2 Lilly vs Natalie
Free HD Download: 3-2 Lilly vs Natalie





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