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CV96 - Video Magazine 7 - 120:00 Min.

Video Magazine 7
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Video Magazine 7

1) Shannon vs Jenifer
2) Lizz vs Audrey
3) Hellfire Club 2
4) Monica vs Brandy
5) Storyline
6) Outdoor Fight
7) Mary vs Theresa
8) Terah vs Shan
9) Classics

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Crystal Films reckon that this is the best 'Video Magazine' tape that they've produced so far, and we're inclined to agree with them. This is particularly true if you enjoy the grudge fist fights that are a feature of this series because there are no less than four of them here, with bloody noses and cut lips abounding. There is also some boxing from Europe and some quite lengthy scenes from New York's Hellfire Club which will particularly appeal to those of you who enjoyed 'Basement Brawls' (CV23). There's nostalgia too of course in the form of clips from old movies, and a great catfight film, 'Witness Protection', (which was made in Brooklyn with the assistance of Festelle staff).

1. Shannon vs Jenifer (10:32 mins)

CV96 - 1 (Shannon vs Jenifer)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Shannon vs Jenifer

2. Lizz vs Audrey (10:42 mins)

CV96 - 2 (Lizz vs Audrey)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Lizz vs Audrey

3. Hellfire Club 2 (5:02 mins)

CV96 - 3 (Hellfire Club 2)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Hellfire Club 2

4. Monica vs Brandy (9:15 mins)

CV96 - 4 (Monica vs Brandy)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Monica vs Brandy

5. Storyline (20:43 mins)

CV96 - 5 (Storyline)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Storyline

CV96 - 5 (Storyline)

Free Standard Download: 5-2 Storyline

6. Outdoor Fight (11:48 mins)

CV96 - 6 (Outdoor Fight)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Outdoor Fight

7. Mary vs Theresa (8:34 mins)

CV96 - 7 (Mary vs Theresa)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Mary vs Theresa

8. Terah vs Shan (6:19 mins)

CV96 - 8 (Terah vs Shan)

Free Standard Download: 8-1 Terah vs Shan

9. Classics (6:52 mins)

CV96 - 9 (Classics)

Free Standard Download: 9-1 Classics


In fact there´s something for everyone in this tape and we recommend it to old and new customers without hesitation.




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