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CV68 - Video Magazine 4 - 120:00 Min.

Video Magazine 4
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Video Magazine 4

1) Classics No.1
2) Classics No.2
3) Michelle vs Heather
4) Real Street Fight
5) Airport Ambush No.1
6) Airport Ambush No.2
7) Renee vs Mary

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Another fascinating and exciting collection of archive film, still photos and cartoons, interspersed with some really great action.

1. Classics (16:32 mins)

CV68 - 1 (Classics No.1)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Classics No.1

2. Classics (16:08 mins)

CV68 - 2 (Classics No.2)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Classics No.2

3. Michelle vs Heather (7:33 mins)

The first of the `Main Events' is a no holds barred knock-down-and-drag-out scrap between two skimpily dressed youngsters. Like most of the fights in the `Video Magazine' series this one isn't short on brutality.

CV68 - 3 (Michelle vs Heather)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Michelle vs Heather

4. Real Street Fight (7:44 mins)

The second fight is interesting in that it was apparently a real street fight of which Crystal had received a tip-off. One girl had vandalised another's car and the matter was settled with bare fists. Both of them are a bit overweight and not particularly beautiful, and one of them isn't much of a fighter either so she gets pretty thoroughly thrashed, even though she doesn't seem to know when she's beaten! A noisy and real punch-up.

CV68 - 4 (Real Street Fight)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Real Street Fight

5. Airport Ambush No.1 (13:14 mins)

Another very sexy feature of `Video Magazine 4' is a two part story titled `Airport Ambush'. This features a lot of erotic apartment style wrestling, some of it with exciting lesbian undertones, particularly in the second part.

CV68 - 5 (Airport Ambush No.1)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Airport Ambush No.1

6. Airport Ambush No.2 (8:16 mins)

The girls in `Airport Ambush' are most definitely very attractive and so is their underwear!

CV68 - 6 (Airport Ambush No.2)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Airport Ambush No.2

7. Renee vs Mary (15:03 mins)

A new feature for the `Video Magazine' series is a trailer section which features excerpts from other Crystal offerings. The final event is another brutal stockings and suspenders fist fight of the type at which Crystal really excel. These women really lay themselves on the line as they attempt to punch, kick and scratch their way to ruthless victory, inadvertently revealing luscious breasts in the process and in fact one girl gets stripped to the waist by her spiteful rival. Another one that's not for the squeamish!

CV68 - 7 (Renee vs Mary)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Renee vs Mary


We´ve come to expect a lot of the ´Video Magazine´ series, and No. 4 more than keeps up the good work begun by its predecessors.




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