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CV135 - Video Magazine 12 - 120:00 Min.

Video Magazine 12
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Video Magazine 12

1) Mary vs Corri
2) Fight 2
3) Nostalgia Section
4) Kim vs Terah
6) Staged catfight: Cash
7) Leslie vs Shannon
8) Fight at the Hellfire Club
9) Home made fights
10) Corri vs Jeannie

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Video Magazine 12 contains many of the things you've been asking for.

There are no less that four real fights including one grudge fight between a black girl, Kim, and her white enemy Terah. there's also a topless fist fight between Mary and Cory, then Leslie takes on Shann..

Then there's another first, a 17 minute stand-up fight with fists flying and plenty of kicking. many who don't collect the Scenes tapes have nevertheless called and written asking for a chance to see some specific fights.

One of the most often-requested is Swamp Women which is included here among other popular titles. There's nostalgia as well, of course as well as two staged catfights, one of which is called 'Crash'.

The other one will be very popular with face-sitting fans! And to round things off there's something else which has often been asked for - home movies! The one we've selected for you is a pretty raunchy affair - the two women soon forget that they're being filmed....

CV135 - 1 (Mary vs Corri)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Mary vs Corri

VOD: 1 Mary vs Corri

9:35 Min. - 76.04MB*

CV135 - 2 (Fight 2)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Fight 2

CV135 - 3 (Nostalgia Section)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Nostalgia Section

VOD: 3 Nostalgia Section

11:34 Min. - 90.11MB*

CV135 - 4 (Kim vs Terah)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Kim vs Terah

VOD: 4 Kim vs Terah

8:28 Min. - 65.92MB*

CV135 - 5 (TV CLIPS)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 TV CLIPS

CV135 - 6 (Staged catfight: Cash)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Staged catfight: Cash

VOD: 6 Staged catfight: Cash

15:43 Min. - 122.51MB*

CV135 - 7 (Leslie vs Shannon)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Leslie vs Shannon

VOD: 7 Leslie vs Shannon

5:10 Min. - 40.28MB*

CV135 - 8 (Fight at the Hellfire Club)

Free Standard Download: 8-1 Fight at the Hellfire Club

VOD: 8 Fight at the Hellfire Club

10:01 Min. - 78.12MB*

CV135 - 9 (Home made fights)

Free Standard Download: 9-1 Home made fights

VOD: 9 Home made fights

14:14 Min. - 110.84MB*

CV135 - 10 (Corri vs Jeannie)

Free Standard Download: 10-1 Corri vs Jeannie

VOD: 10 Corri vs Jeannie

19:33 Min. - 152.33MB*


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