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CV132 - Hellfire Club 4 - 110:00 Min.

Hellfire Club 4
4 / 5

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Hellfire Club 4

1) Maylay vs Misty
2) Coco vs Vanessa
3) Diamand vs Roxy
4) Coco vs Vanessa
5) Sage vs Kitty
6) Angelique vs Miranda
7) Sectators: Andrea vs Raven
8) Angelique vs Toby

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Hellfire Club - is beginning to rival the 'Video Magazine' series in customer popularity, and No. 4 shows why! Nine fights between sexy, aggressive women. Unless mentioned otherwise, the fighters are naked well before they finish!

1. Misty vs Maylay looks like a real grudge fight. Maylay is familiar, but Misty clearly wants to destroy the bigger woman. This is one of the most serious fights to a finish we've seen.

CV132 - 1 (Maylay vs Misty)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Maylay vs Misty

VOD: 1 Maylay vs Misty

16:12 Min. - 126.20MB*

2. Coco vs Vanessa ('Trinny') ends with a knockout. She's a spunky loser though, and demands a rematch (see match 4).

CV132 - 2 (Coco vs Vanessa)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Coco vs Vanessa

VOD: 2 Coco vs Vanessa

12:44 Min. - 99.20MB*

3. Diamond (from London) vs Roxy Both blondes. It ends very quickly when one gives up. They remain clothed throughout.

CV132 - 3 (Diamand vs Roxy)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Diamand vs Roxy

VOD: 3 Diamand vs Roxy

5:38 Min. - 43.87MB*

4. Coco vs Vanessa. This time they start off naked and, as the fight takes place in private, is even more uninhibited than before.

CV132 - 4 (Coco vs Vanessa)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Coco vs Vanessa

VOD: 4 Coco vs Vanessa

5:25 Min. - 42.30MB*

5. Sage vs Kitty. Another genuine scrap with plenty of biting and gouging. It's ill-tempered and the fight erupts again after the verdict. There's a prospect of a return fight on 'Hellfire Club 5'!

CV132 - 5 (Sage vs Kitty)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Sage vs Kitty

VOD: 5 Sage vs Kitty

17:11 Min. - 133.92MB*

6. Angelique vs Miranda. Two well-matched bigger women fling themselves at each other right from the off, a real duel of the Amazons. They start off scantily dressed, and strip each other with methodical determination.

And then: a fight breaks out between two of the female spectators. It's a short, fully-clothed spat but is quite an angry little episode.

CV132 - 6 (Angelique vs Miranda)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Angelique vs Miranda

VOD: 6 Angelique vs Miranda

18:32 Min. - 144.48MB*

7. Andrea vs Raven are a pair of hard-bitten beauties who both clearly want the prize money. They start off fully clothed, strip down to bras and pants before settling matters in the nude.

CV132 - 7 (Sectators: Andrea vs Raven)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Sectators: Andrea vs Raven

VOD: 7 Sectators: Andrea vs Raven

16:08 Min. - 125.91MB*

8. Angelique vs Toby New to the Hellfire Club, an oil match. The girls are sensuously oiled up beforehand, but this is no lesbian grope. It's just as real a match as any of the others, but the smooth, oiled bodies give it an extra dimension.

CV132 - 8 (Angelique vs Toby)

Free Standard Download: 8-1 Angelique vs Toby

VOD: 8 Angelique vs Toby

19:49 Min. - 154.43MB*


Hellfire Club has lift-off!




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