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CV132 - Hellfire Club 4 - 110:00 Min.

Hellfire Club 4
4 / 5

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Hellfire Club 4

1) Maylay vs Misty
2) Coco vs Vanessa
3) Diamand vs Roxy
4) Coco vs Vanessa
5) Sage vs Kitty
6) Angelique vs Miranda
7) Sectators: Andrea vs Raven
8) Angelique vs Toby

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Hellfire Club - is beginning to rival the 'Video Magazine' series in customer popularity, and No. 4 shows why! Nine fights between sexy, aggressive women. Unless mentioned otherwise, the fighters are naked well before they finish!

1. Misty vs Maylay looks like a real grudge fight. Maylay is familiar, but Misty clearly wants to destroy the bigger woman. This is one of the most serious fights to a finish we've seen.

CV132 - 1 (Maylay vs Misty)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Maylay vs Misty

2. Coco vs Vanessa ('Trinny') ends with a knockout. She's a spunky loser though, and demands a rematch (see match 4).

CV132 - 2 (Coco vs Vanessa)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Coco vs Vanessa

3. Diamond (from London) vs Roxy Both blondes. It ends very quickly when one gives up. They remain clothed throughout.

CV132 - 3 (Diamand vs Roxy)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Diamand vs Roxy

4. Coco vs Vanessa. This time they start off naked and, as the fight takes place in private, is even more uninhibited than before.

CV132 - 4 (Coco vs Vanessa)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Coco vs Vanessa

5. Sage vs Kitty. Another genuine scrap with plenty of biting and gouging. It's ill-tempered and the fight erupts again after the verdict. There's a prospect of a return fight on 'Hellfire Club 5'!

CV132 - 5 (Sage vs Kitty)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Sage vs Kitty

6. Angelique vs Miranda. Two well-matched bigger women fling themselves at each other right from the off, a real duel of the Amazons. They start off scantily dressed, and strip each other with methodical determination.

And then: a fight breaks out between two of the female spectators. It's a short, fully-clothed spat but is quite an angry little episode.

CV132 - 6 (Angelique vs Miranda)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Angelique vs Miranda

7. Andrea vs Raven are a pair of hard-bitten beauties who both clearly want the prize money. They start off fully clothed, strip down to bras and pants before settling matters in the nude.

CV132 - 7 (Sectators: Andrea vs Raven)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Sectators: Andrea vs Raven

8. Angelique vs Toby New to the Hellfire Club, an oil match. The girls are sensuously oiled up beforehand, but this is no lesbian grope. It's just as real a match as any of the others, but the smooth, oiled bodies give it an extra dimension.

CV132 - 8 (Angelique vs Toby)

Free Standard Download: 8-1 Angelique vs Toby


Hellfire Club has lift-off!




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