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CV129 - Video Magazine 11 - 120:00 Min.

Video Magazine 11
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Video Magazine 11

1) Jill vs Janet
2) Big Breasted Catfight
3) Nostalgia Section
4) Mary vs Theresa
5) TV Clip
6) Michelle vs Shannon
7) Bodybuilder Catfight
8) Lesley vs TJ
9) Hamemade Nude Catfight
10) Cory vs Shelley
11) Retro Themed Catfight
12) Shauna vs Cory

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Once again Crystal Films have produced a winner - the 'Video Magazine' series just seem to get better and better! There are six real fights featuring both newcomers and favourites such as Mary, Jill and Michelle.

One of the fights is quite short, but they are all packed with hard, savage action. Whether it's cash or personal hatred, these women fight to win, and if the loser can't take her punishment well...tough!

Some of these fights are partially topless, but there's no staging, it's just another part of the ferocious action! There's some rather good nostalgia, and also some boxing.

Three new features however are worthy of special mention. One is an erotic match between two very big-breasted women, another is a section devoted to apartment wrestling filmed spontaneously at a private party, and the third is a really superb topless wrestling match between two female body builders, a contest so different, and so arousing that many of you body-building enthusiasts will want 'Video Magazine 11' for that match alone!

This title gets off to a rip-roaring start with a classic all-our fist fight between Jill & Janet. There's plenty of punching, clapping and nasty hair-pulling and at one point one lady's neck is wrenched backwards as the other grabs her pony tail just as she's trying to flee from a torrid attack. One lady loses her top in this battle making it a humiliating loss as well as a painful one.

CV129 - 1 (Jill vs Janet)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Jill vs Janet

Filmed as a special request match, two ladies with giant breasts square up for a storyline catfight. Not an all-out fist fight but there's still some enjoyable action and some nasty verbals throughout that really set the mood. Fans of large chested ladies will love this one!

CV129 - 2 (Big Breasted Catfight)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Big Breasted Catfight

As featured on all Crystal Video Magazines there's a nostalgia section with footage of old black and white ladies wrestling from both the US and Germany. This is rounded off with an old black and white TV scene.

CV129 - 3 (Nostalgia Section)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Nostalgia Section

Back to an all out nasty bitch fight for Match 4... and quite possible the nastiest and most intense match ever... These two clearly don't like each other and go at it from the first second. The hair-pulling is particularly brutal with huge clumps of hair littering the mats within seconds. There is a resounding winner with the loser left picking up her hair off the floor. An awesome, if a little short, nasty real catfight.

CV129 - 4 (Mary vs Theresa)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Mary vs Theresa

A selection of fem-fight scenes from TV shows from around the world.

CV129 - 5 (TV Clip)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 TV Clip

Yet another classic Crystal nasty bitch fight with two ladies going all out punching, kicking, hair-pulling and strangling their way through the match. One lady outweighs the other but that doesn't necessarily mean she has the upper hand. The match ends as with one fighter left on the floor wimpering in pain - turn the volume up to here her sobs if you're in any doubt how real and nasty this fight is!

CV129 - 6 (Michelle vs Shannon)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Michelle vs Shannon

If you like strong women - very strong women - you will enjoy this catfight. Two bodybuilders start posing before an argument breaks out. They strip to thongs and wrestle/catfight. Some interesting camera angles too. Unusual but a definite classic for bodybuilder fans.

CV129 - 8 (Bodybuilder Catfight)

Free Standard Download: 7-1 Bodybuilder Catfight

These two lightweight girls start topless and wearing jeans and have no inhibitions as they go straight at each other punching, slapping and hair-pulling in order to win. There are times when you would have thought one girl would have given in but she keeps coming back until she can finally take no more. Real Crystal first fighting at it's best.

CV129 - 9 (Lesley vs TJ)

Free Standard Download: 8-1 Lesley vs TJ

A homemade catfight/sex fight where the girls end up nude after some nasty catfighting and then the one straddles the other and makes her satisfy her... As this is homemade the picture quality is quite poor but is worth watching as it combines catfighting and erotic in one marathon match.

CV129 - 10 (Hamemade Nude Catfight)

Free Standard Download: 9-1 Hamemade Nude Catfight

Another great Crystal real fist fight. These two ladies punch hard, pull hair and maul each other like true wildcats. Fans of real female fist fights must see this!

CV129 - 11 (Cory vs Shelley)

Free Standard Download: 10-1 Cory vs Shelley

Set in the 1950's this storyline catfight is great for fans that like to see flashes of stockings and suspenders. Light-hearted by comparison with some matches on this tape but nevertheless a very realistic catfight.

CV129 - 12 (Retro Themed Catfight)

Free Standard Download: 11-1 Retro Themed Catfight

Cory (also seen in Match 11 of this title) is back in action against the much larger Shauna. This doesn't put Cory off in the slightest as she lands blow after blow to Shauna's face. The action isn't all one-sided though and it's a tough even match. Watch the tape in slow motion for a classic moment where Cory lands a punch straight to Shauna's face, her nose starts bleeding and then Cory laughs and smiles as Shauna struggles to fight back the tears. Awesome!

CV129 - 13 (Shauna vs  Cory)

Free Standard Download: 12-1 Shauna vs Cory





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