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CV118 - Hellfire Club 2 - 107:00 Min.

Hellfire Club 2
4 / 5

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Hellfire Club 2

1) Chest vs Miss V
2) Barbie vs Angelique
3) Leslie Savage vs Tasha Voux
4) Tatiana vs Maylay
5) Snowy vs Sweety
6) Lisa vs Sandy

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After 'Basement Brawls' (CV23) and 'Catspats from the Hellfire Club' (CV103), 'Hellfire Club 2' more than maintains the same standard of plain, roughhouse scrapping! Most of the fights finish up with the contestants completely naked , but they are more than ready to pit against each other in combat!

The first match, between 'Chestie' and 'Miss V', two well-built beauties, is noisy and acrimonious. It is also pretty decisive with one woman completely whipped. And just for once, it's the bigger woman who finds herself on the receiving end.

CV118 - 1 (Chest vs Miss V)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Chest vs Miss V

Barbie and Angelique follow. This attractive duo treat us to some hard grappling with less noise than the previous match, but just as much brutal action. Miraculously this is one match in which the women manage to remain (ever so slightly) clothed.

CV118 - 2 (Barbie vs Angelique)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Barbie vs Angelique

Next we have Tasha Voux pitted against Leslie Savage, and we can tell what sort of lady she is when, asked where she comes from, replied 'I come from anywhere I damn' well please!'. Can a good big 'un thrash a shapely beauty? Well, just wait and see.

CV118 - 3 (Leslie Savage vs Tasha Voux)

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Leslie Savage vs Tasha Voux

Tatianna takes on Crystal favourite Maylay next, in another ill-tempered brawl. Just to show that nothing is predictable in the Hellfire Club, it's the loser who manages to keep her panties on, but she still has to learn that her opponent is the better woman.

CV118 - 4 (Tatiana vs Maylay)

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Tatiana vs Maylay

Two good-lookers enter the arena when 'Snowy' takes on 'Sweety'. They obviously intend to have a straightforward topless wrestling match, but their latent hostility soon erupts, and, skimpy though their flimsy knickers are, they just have to come off!

CV118 - 5 (Snowy vs Sweety)

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Snowy vs Sweety

The final confrontation is between Sandy and Lisa. This is another battle of the beauties, this time starting off with the girls half clothed. They don't stay that way for long though, and the fight soon develops into a no-holds-barred free-for-all.

CV118 - 6 (Lisa vs Sandy)

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Lisa vs Sandy


The tape ends with an apology for some very slight interruptions in the filming but it is pointed out that this in no way means that any of the action has been lost!




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