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BA10 - Coral Sands Got Gritty - 65:00 Min.

Coral Sands Got Gritty
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Coral Sands Got Gritty

1) Coral vs Alana
2) Maryanne vs Scarlet

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The first topless face-sitting combat from this production is a three way intimate fight set in a gym, with breast grabbing right from the outset. Many front and reverse face-straddling holds are exchanged as well as painful scissors and crotch mauling. Eventually one of the fighters is put into a sleeper hold and passes out, leaving the remaining two girls to continue their close body combat.

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Coral vs Alana

Free Standard Download: 1-2 Coral vs Alana

For the second face-sitting encounter, Maryanne and Scarlet take on each other in the ring. Scarlet, sporting a spider web tattooed elbow and wearing red briefs, is mainly on the receiving end in this grinding-down match. The smaller girl is subjected to hairpulling and nipple pinching before being clamped into a standing head scissors and later a leg across the throat. A reverse straddle and breast smothering ends all further resistance with the loser forced to declare “You

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Maryanne vs Scarlet

Free Standard Download: 2-2 Maryanne vs Scarlet

Two matches with plenty of gusto between attractive and fiesty combatants.




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